We can only accept orders in person at 1 Monument Way, Portland, ME or via phone at 207-773-CAKE (2253).  Please note that our store hours are subject to change surrounding major holidays.

    Please click on this link to view our Wedding Cake Menu Foley’s Wedding Cakes Menu.  **Prices are subject to change without notice.**

Breakfast Pastries

Come in and join us for freshly prepared and baked danish- $2.25/each,filled croissants- $3.10/each, plain croissants- $2.35/each and muffins- $1.65/each.  Danish include cheese pockets, nut twists, fruit-filled and cinnamon raisin streusel.

Croissants are all butter and made with Ham and Cheese, Spinach and Feta, Chocolate or plain.

Muffins vary and are available in Blueberry, Raspberry, Orange Cranberry, Lemon Poppyseed, Banana Nut and other assorted varieties.


All of our cookies are made with 100% butter and the best ingredients available.  All cookies are a 4 oz. extra large size.  Cookie flavors are Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Reverse Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter and other assorted types. Prices are $2.10/each or $22.00/dozen.


All of Foley’s cakes are made from scratch with the finest available ingredients.  Buttercream cakes are made with real butter buttercream and are multi-layered with various flavors.

Any of our cakes can be prepared and decorated for just about any occasion.  Please inform the counter person or ask to speak with the Chef to help with your requirements.

Watergate Poundcake

A classic butter poundcake lightened by whipped egg whites and whole eggs.  Choose from a variety of flavors and have cakes filled to your specifications.

8” Round Serves 12          $30.00
10” Round Serves 16        $40.00
12” Round Serves 24        $50.00
14” Round Serves 36        $62.00
16” Round Serves 48        $80.00
* Sheet cake sizes available per order

Buttercream Choices

Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Mocha, Hazelnut or suggest a flavor of your choice.  Accompany your buttercream selection with imported Raspberry, Apricot or Strawberry preserves.

Since butter remains hard when cold, it is always a good idea to allow your cake to come to room temperature to enjoy the smoothness of the buttercream.

All 8” cakes may have writing and flowers for an additional $2.50.

Special orders require at least 48 hours notice in most circumstances.
* Place your “holiday” orders at least one week prior.

Swiss Linzer Torte

The authentic Swiss recipe of a hazelnut, butter dough with imported raspberry marmalade and a decorative lattice top.  Available in 8” for $20.00 or 11” for $35.00.

Mixed Fruit Flanne / Baked Fruit Flanne

Short dough cookie crust filled with a light almond flour cake with apples, apricots, etc., baked in the filling.  Fresh seasonal fruits may also be arranged on top. Available in 8” or 11”.

Mixed Fruit       8″   $22.50          11″    $35.00

Baked Fruit       8″   $20.00         11″     $28.50

Cream Cheesecake

Cream cheese, sour cream, fresh eggs and heavy cream make this extra special, a hint of orange and lemon zest enhance the flavor.  Available in Plain, Strawberry, Mixed Fruit or Marble.  Pumpkin cheesecake available seasonally. (Available Gluten Free – please be sure to specify)  Available in 8” or 10”

8″(serves 12)     Plain  $30.00     Strawberry or Mixed  $38.00     Marble  $32.00

10″(serves 16)     Plain  $35.00     Strawberry or Mixed  $48.00     Marble  $42.00

Carrot Cake

Carrots, pecans and cream cheese icing make this carrot cake our personal favorite.  Available in 8” for $30.00 or 10” for $38.00.

Lemon White Chocolate Mousse

Short dough crust with a light lemon, white chocolate mousse filling.  A nice summer (or winter) dessert served with fresh fruits.  8”(serves 6-8) for $20.00 and 11”(serves 12) for $30.00.


Hazelnut Meringue with a Chocolate Ganache and Praline Buttercream, served in a terrine form. (Gluten Free)  4” x 8” Serves 10-12, for $35.00.

German Chocolate Cake

Dutch Chocolate cake with a traditional caramel coconut pecan filling, iced with rich chocolate buttercream and chocolate wafers.  Available in 8” for $33.00 or 10” for $43.00.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Chocolate lovers dream.  Rich, dense and extra chewy cake, glazed with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and chocolate border. (Gluten Free)  Available in 8” for $35.00 and 10″ for $45.00.

Mousse Cakes

Our mousse cakes are all made from scratch using the finest imported chocolate.
Semi-sweet Dark – layered between discs of chocolate cake and finished with chocolate shavings.  Available in 6” or larger.
White Chocolate – layered between discs of sponge cake and finished with white chocolate shavings.  Available in 6” or larger.
Marble Mousse – a combination of layered white and dark chocolate mousse cakes.  Poured ganache enrobe this cake and white chocolate “barks” highlight its appearance.  Available in 8” or larger.
Strawberry – finished with either a “mirror” on the surface or seasonal fresh fruit and sponge cake for an accent texture.  Available in 8” or larger.

 6″  Mousse cakes      $25.00(serves 6-8)

8″ Mousse cakes       $35.00(serves 12-14)

10″ Mousse cakes     $45.00  (available upon request)


Coffee and Kahlua flavored marscapone cheese mousse layered with Kahlua-soaked ladyfingers, finished with ladyfingers and grated chocolate.  Available in 8″ for $38.00.


Tell us about the pie you’ve been craving.  Call ahead to reserve your selection, can be available frozen to take home and create the fresh baked atmosphere.  Fruit pies–$22.00 and Cream pies–$24.00 (available upon request).

Individual Party Pastries

A selection of bars, finger pastries or a combination of your choice.  Leave the selection up to the Chef and be pleasantly surprised.  Inquire for selections.  Available by the dozen. Minimum order of 2 dozen. $20.00 per dozen.