Mousse Cakes

Our mousse cakes are all made from scratch using the finest imported chocolate.

Semi-sweet Dark (pictured) – layered between discs of chocolate cake and finished with chocolate shavings.  (Available in 6” or larger)
White Chocolate – layered between discs of sponge cake and finished with white chocolate shavings.  (Available in 6” or larger)
Marble Mousse – a combination of layered white and dark chocolate mousse cakes.  Poured ganache enrobe this cake and white chocolate “barks” highlight its appearance.  (Available in 8” or larger)
Strawberry – finished with either a “mirror” on the surface or seasonal fresh fruit and sponge cake for an accent texture.  (Available in 8” or larger)

 6″–$25.00 (serves 6-8)

8″–$35.00 (serves 12-14)

10″–$45.00 (available upon request)